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Mesa Police Department

Jose Armando Rocha-Fraire (55) is a hispanic male 5'6, 132lbs with black balding hair and brown eyes. He has a full beard and moustache. He was last seen wearing a brown t-shirt with grey stripes, blue jeans, white shoes and a dark colored baseball cap with a snake on it.Jose was last seen by his brother at a Goodwill store in Mesa at 1400hrs on 10-23-14. He has not been seen or heard from since. Jose is a diagnosed schizophrenic who also suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. He takes medication for all of these conditions three times a day. He is without these meds at this time. He will become confused and agitated if off of his meds for an extended period of time. Jose is homeless and generaly stays in the Mesa City limits. He does have a bus pass and is familiar with using Valley Metro Transportation Services. He is known to hang around several churches in the area of 64th St and University in Mesa.
Anyone having information regarding this case is asked to contact Investigator Silva 480-644-2019Mesa Police Department 480-644-2211
Name: Jose Armando Rocha-Fraire
DOB: 02/24/1959
Sex: M
Race: Hispanic
Height: 5'6
Weight: 132lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: black/balding
Notice to Arresting Agency:No P.C. for arrest. Jose is a missing adult only at this time. Please check welfare and inform Mesa PD of any contact with Jose.
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